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United States Higher Learning Board For Education

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USHLBE is administered by the board of directors along with the executive leadership members to work together towards achieving its mission. The entire staff and faculty members at USHLBE are striving to maintain the standards of an institute for the individuals associated with it to help them achieve enhanced credentials for professional practice.


Accreditation by United States Higher Learning Board for Education helps institutes gain a competitive edge in the academic fraternity.

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Give your career a boost with United States Higher Learning Board for Education. Certification & avail the best opportunities for better career object.


Being an educational member with United States Higher Learning Board for Education, you will become a part of the renowned network of education providers.


Academic Standards

USHLBE is determined to ensure that students receive the best quality education worldwide.


Global Presence

USHLBE has global chapters who are facilitating the academic institutes in different regions of the world.

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USHLBE is a standardization agency determined to work towards the enhancement of higher education in the academic institutes worldwide. We offer accreditation to institutes, universities and schools.


USHLBE provides quality assurance to those institutes that are working to improve their academic standards based on global educational standards. Accreditation is provided to help institutes gain an edge over others in the academic world.


  • Global Recognition
  • Worldwide Acceptance of Academic Credentials
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Affordable Accreditation
  • Promotion Opportunity
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