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Obtaining a degree from an accredited college or university will strengthen your academic credentials as your degree would be recognized internationally. Before applying to any college or university, make sure that the academic institute is recognized and accredited by a registered body such as USHLBE. Accreditation is a proof that the programs and courses offered at a particular university or school are accredited and are up to the standards of global education. Accreditation adds value to your educational profile which ends up with better job prospects in the future.

Many institutes and universities prefer accreditation from USHLBE as it provides reliabile and global acceptability of the academic credentials. Students who receive higher education from the accredited education providers, feel confident about their academic career as they are at par with the global standards of education.

Types of Accreditation

Offered At USHLBE


Programmatic Accreditation includes individual programs, schools and departments within the academic institutes across the globe. There are numerous accrediting agencies that provide specialized accreditation in various fields of study including engineering, nursing, project management, business, law, arts and many more.

The core focus of programmatic accreditation is on individual programs as it holds the same significance as regional accreditation. Programmatic accreditation makes sure that the programs offered meet the international education standards.


USHLBE offers international accreditation to those educational institutes that provide quality education to students, based on global academic standards and policies. The aim is to make the education standardized on global level.

USHLBE offers an evaluation process for academic institutes which measures the institute based on the quality of the programs offered, education provided, type of faculty, fee structure, curriculum, organizational structure and other career services offered.

Types of Accreditation

Offered At USHLBE

Quality education accreditation is provided to universities, schools, and institutes for better academic prospects. USHLBE offers educational institutes a competitive edge to compete in the global academic industry.

USHLBE Offers Accreditation to:

USHLBE Accreditation for Universities

USHLBE accreditation is offered to traditional, distance learning institute or an online university.

USHLBE Accreditation for Institutes

If you are a training, professional or vocational institute then USHLBE accreditation is what you need to give your services a boost in the professional world.

USHLBE Accreditation for Schools

USHLBE Accreditation can benefit schools who offer quality education and aim to facilitate their students with better academic pursuits.


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Educational Institutes


of Accreditation

Many institutes and universities claim to be accredited but the major concern is that from where they are accredited? Not every accrediting body is registered, hence, one has to be really careful about opting an accredited school, institute or university. Determining the reputation of an accredited body should be the major concern so that your academic and professional credentials remain authenticated and acceptable anywhere in the world.

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