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USHLBE’s evaluation commission members are our most valuable and cherished asset. They work relentlessly to implement quality standards at universities, schools, institutions, and organizations across the globe. They are carefully selected and trained professionals who help USHLBE in its accreditation processes by sharing their knowledge and are totally committed to improving quality standards.

What Will You Get as an USHLBE

Evaluation Commission Member?

USHLBE Certificate, Dedicated webpage and Member Area

Once our member, you will be given our certificate and a web-page with your profile on it. You can use both of them as a proof of your association with USHLBE as a commission member. Moreover, you will also be given access to your personalized member area through which you can perform your basic tasks such as schedule visits and upload your reports.

A Chance to Contribute to the Society

As an USHLBE’s evaluation commission member, you not only provide assistance to education providers but also get a chance to work majorly towards the betterment of education standards worldwide and enriching the lives of the students

Benefits of Becoming USHLBE

Evaluation Commission Member

USHLBE offers many benefits to its members. As our member you become a part of an international community and enjoy the prestige associated with it. By becoming our member, you can:

Participate in our global events

Once you become an USHLBE’s member, you will be welcome to participate in all our global events that are organized frequently in different parts of the world. These events include different workshops, webinars, seminars, and conferences etc.

Professional Development Opportunity

USHLBE also serves as a professional development platform for commission members by allowing them to participate in USHLBE’s conferences and seminars around the world. It will also encourage exchange of information, technology and resources on quality assurance standards and good educational practices on an international level.

Networking Opportunities

As our member, you get the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and professionals from the education industry during your official visits to the institutes and also, by participating in our events.

Get free copies of USHLBE regional publications

Members automatically get subscribed to free regional publications of USHLBE such as newsletters, monthly magazines, whitepapers, etc. These publications are aimed at standardizing educational standards globally as well as promoting the USHLBE’s mission on regional basis.

Become an USHLBE

Business Development Partner

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