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Enhance your


USHLBE Legal Professional Certificate

USHLBE Certifications

For Legal Professionals

One way to demonstrate your preparedness for the demanded field of law is gaining an Certification by USHLBE.

USHLBE has realized that more people are entering in legal profession with the changing trend. This certification from USHLBE is a proof that the individuals are specialized in their designated field of law.

USHLBE Certification is an advanced qualification beyond licensure recognized by clients, employers, peers, and the public.

Perks of being certified


Increased Knowledge

USHLBE certificate will increase your knowledge in different areas of legal administration.

Stand out as a Brand

Obtaining legal certification will give you a recognition as a brand to compete in the market and also enhance your recognition in the law industry.

Resume Forwarded
For Better Career

USHLBE certification will give you an option of spreading your resume to various top recruiters and multinational companies.

Free Lifetime Cover
Letter & Resume
Writing Services

Being a USHLBE certified professional, you will gain a benefit of free lifetime cover letter and resume writing services which will give an edge over the others and will prove to be a ticket to your dream job.

Global Credential

Upon receiving the certificate from USHLBE, your credentials will be recognized internationally.


USHLBE certification will permit you to collaborate with high quality peers of professional credentials.

Types of

Certifications Offered

  • Professional Paralegal (PP)
  • Professional Legal Secretary (PLS)
  • Certified Legal Professional (CLP)
  • Accredited Legal Professional (ALP)

What you get upon being

Certified with USHLBE

USHLBE Professional Certificate

USHLBE certification will work as an evidence of promoting your credibility on different promotional platforms and distinguishing you from other individuals of the same field.

Dedicated Web Page

Once you receive the certification from USHLBE, you will be given a dedicated web page from us in which you can share information related to your profession.

Business Card

USHLBE will offer you a business card which will work for you as a brand. You can exchange these cards with other Business professionals to show your credibility as it will reflect that you are associated with USHLBE.

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