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In today’s highly competitive environment, students want high quality education to flourish in their academic and professional careers. USHLBE membership for education industry includes colleges, schools, universities and also corporate sectors.

Being a member of USHLBE, you will become a renowned part of the huge network of education providers. USHLBE Membership can prove to be a very useful and important part for the well-being of your institute.

We connect you with different schools and universities sharing knowledge and trends to shape the future of higher education. Therefore, educational institutes which are willing to excel and produce students with strong academic credentials in today’s fast paced learning environment, USHLBE Membership is the right solution.

USHLBE Membership can be a first step towards the journey to full accreditation. It also benefits institutes who would like to be associated with USHLBE without going through the full accreditation process.


Membership Perquisites

USHLBE Membership Seal

Once you become a member with USHLBE, you will receive a USHLBE Seal which can be used on your website, official documents and other various marketing collaterals.

USHLBE Membership Certificate

The certificate will be a proof of achieving USHLBE’s membership. You can promote USHLBE membership using this certificate on different promotional platforms.

USHLBE Membership Promotion

The promotion of your membership will be based on the type of package you avail to enhance the global recognition of your institute.

Perks of being


International Promotion & Access to USHLBE Publications

Being a member at USHLBE, you can promote yourself at different educational events and seminars by being an active participant. USHLBE will send periodic publications to your institute to keep you updated with the latest trends and practices that can be adopted by your institute for the enhancement of academic standards.

Professional Development Opportunity

USHLBE Membership serves for a professional development opportunity to the faculty and staff of your institute. It is a very healthy activity to keep the faculty updated with the latest technology and trends happening at an international level

Credential Appreciation at Global Level

Your institute would be recognized and renowned globally in the academic fraternity after receiving USHLBE membership.

Recruitment & Career Tools

Being a member at USHLBE, many job opportunities will hit your doorstep. USHLBE allow its members to get lifetime cover letter and resume writing services. This will give you an edge to approach the opportunities that you desire for a better career.

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