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Staff & Faculty

USHLBE is administered by the board of directors along with the executive leadership members to work together towards achieving its mission. The entire staff and faculty members at USHLBE are striving to maintain the standards of an institute for the individuals associated with it to help them achieve enhanced credentials for professional practice.

Board of


Dr. Alex Watson
Vice Chairman
Jonathan D. Tinkler
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jodie Ross
International Affairs
Edward J. Patterson
Director Of Academics
Prof. Christian Calvin
Head Of Accreditation
Prof. Harrison Snyder
Director Of Academics
Prof. Philip C. Hudson
Head Of Evaluation
Prof. Clive Marshall



Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Karoly Holczhauser
Vice President, Strategy and Innovation
Larby S. Amirouche
Executive Vice President and Chief Membership Officer
Philip K. Martin
Assistant Vice President Membership
Kayleigh L. Cardwell
Chief Knowledge Officer
Kevin Holborow
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Laura Buchthal
Senior Vice President and Chief Officer, Asia Pacific
Nicklas Jacobsson

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